[iw] - the IW list has relocated

Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Tue Feb 16 13:13:45 EST 2021


FYI the iw list has relocated to a different server.

As part of the changeover, I copied the subscriber list as of last week onto the new server.  If you unsubscribed in recent days and have been re-added during this migration, just let me know and I'll remove you again. Also note that some list options (eg, digest preferences) may not have been migrated and will need to be re-enabled individually.  Apologies for any confusion, hiccups, or disruption during the changeover!

The list's new address is iw at sticklist.org.  Please update any rules or settings accordingly. 

The admin page is located at

Have a great week,

-- rick

(this note was sent to the new list address)

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