[iw] - Norton 360 antivirus now lets you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Thu Jun 3 09:09:14 EDT 2021

Call me old school, but security software should be for 
system/information protection purposes only.  On the surface I can 
'appreciate' Norton's reasoning here but IMO it doesn't really hold 
water.  Using their PR logic, they would be rolling out Norton-branded 
versions of APP$ all the time to 'protect' users too, right?    -- rick

Norton 360 antivirus now lets you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

NortonLifelock has added the ability to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency 
directly within its Norton 360 antivirus program as a way to "protect" 
users from malicious mining software.

This new mining feature is called 'Norton Crypto' and will be rolling 
out tomorrow to Norton 360 users enrolled in Norton's early adopter 

When Norton Crypto is enabled, the software will use the device's 
graphics card (GPU) to mine for Ethereum, which will then be transferred 
into a Norton wallet hosted in the cloud.

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As cryptocurrency miners and related software are commonly flagged by 
antivirus software, Norton says that this feature allows users to mine 
Ethereum without sacrificing their security.

"As the crypto economy continues to become a more important part of our 
customers’ lives, we want to empower them to mine cryptocurrency with 
Norton, a brand they trust," said Vincent Pilette, CEO of 
NortonLifeLock. "Norton Crypto is yet another innovative example of how 
we are expanding our Cyber Safety platform to protect our customers’ 
ever-evolving digital lives."

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