[iw] - Fwd: Fwd: Sony Wins Pirate Site Blocking Order Against DNS-Resolver Quad9

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Thu Jun 24 22:31:00 EDT 2021

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>>> The Quad9 foundation has already announced that it will protest the judgment, which could have far-reaching consequences.
> Which, of course, is expensive, since Sony very much wish to hold on to this precedent they’ve established.  Ordinarily I’d say not our monkeys, not our circus, since we’re here to do cybersecurity and privacy and the whole copyright dumptsterfire isn’t our fight; but they dumped it on our doorstep unprovoked, it’s utterly ridiculous, and now we’re the only ones with standing to overturn it.
> Eco, the German Internet association, are helping with the legal defense fund, we’ve begun talking with the EFF and the Digital Freedom Fund, and individual donations are up 900% over last week, but if any of you know anybody who’d be willing to help cover the costs of overturning this, we can use all the help we can get.  The precedent they’ve just established is that any uninvolved third party can be made liable for their full claimed damages and legal expenses, because they theoretically could have taken some action to try to prevent the copyright infringement, even if there was no chance of it actually preventing the infringement, and regardless of the cost of that action.  Which, yes, is ridiculous, but that’s what the court found for them.  Which is why they chose that court, and why this is an uphill battle, since it has to be contested in that same court before it can be appealed upwards.
>                                 -Bill

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