[iw] - Verkada hacker charged in the US for hacking more than 100 companies

Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Fri Mar 19 09:56:22 EDT 2021

Verkada hacker charged in the US for hacking more than 100 companies

Catalin Cimpanu

The US Department of Justice has charged today a Swiss national for hacking into more than 100 companies and leaking proprietary data online on their personal website.

The hacker, Till (more commonly known as Tillie) Kottmann, 21, of Lucerne, Switzerland, is also the individual who breached cloud-based surveillance firm Verkada earlier this month and leaked security camera footage from some of its customers —including streams from companies like Tesla, Cloudflare, Okta, but also jails, schools, and hospitals.

But according to court documents published by the DOJ today, the charges predate Kottmann’s Verkada hack and pertain to the Swiss hacktivist’s activity dating back to 2019, when they began scouring the internet for misconfigured source code repositories owned by major corporations and government organizations.

Authorities say Kottmann found these repositories, but instead of notifying the affected organizations, it connected to the exposed applications, downloaded intellectual property, and hosted the stolen content on their website, located at git.rip.

Since 2019, the website listed data for more than 100 companies, the DOJ said, a list that included some of the world’s biggest corporations, such as Intel, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Pepsi, Toyota, GitHub, Microsoft, Adobe, Lenovo, AMD, Qualcomm, Motorola, Hisilicon, Mediatek, GE Appliances, Nintendo, Roblox, Disney, Fastspring, React Mobile, Axial, and many others.

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